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Artist Support Program

We support the artistic community through our scholarship program. We also offer emerging artists an opportunity for increased online visibility.

Emerging Artists

Located at Special Presentation booths 137 and 141.

Owen Bourdages
Drawing & Watercolor
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Hayley Kibrick
Drawing, Painting
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Jessie Herdman
Stained Glass
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Jullian deVries
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Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations 2022 MVFAF Tam High Scholarship Recipients!

Jackson Stewart
Senior Recipient
Art has been an integral part of my life since I could walk. It has been my main creative outlet for longer than I can remember, and it is something that I want to pursue even further into college and my future work life.
Owen Bourdages
Senior Recipient
Art has been a huge part of my life it is the thing that brought me the most source of joy, accomplishment and sparked the most passion out of anything else. I plan to pursue art throughout college and into a professional career, purely because of the impact of getting the chance to see the art of the professional artists that now inspire me. Having the opportunity to explore and learn to get to be closer to the art world is something I need to strive for. My work Is mainly pen and watercolor pi
Anika Kapan
Junior Recipient
Art is a way to explore meaningful, broad ideas (such as family, time, fear, generations, history, ect.) within a narrative lens. It provides visual windows into stories and allows us to create stories of our own. The way that people create art and the intention behind it translates to many different interpretations depending on the viewer, and can allow them to create their own narratives about a piece or perhaps gain insight about themselves or the world.
Lila Ciambriello
Junior Recipient
Art is important to me because not only is it a creative outlook, but also a healthy challenge for it makes me create new and unique forms of expression. For the butterfly mug, I wanted to create something that I've never seen before, and I admire butterfly's wings greatly so I wanted to combine the two into a form of art. To match the balance of the cup, I cut out holes in the wings and added glazes to help the composition of the piece. For my two-handled piece, you will see an array of blue gl