Community Outreach

MVFAF offers space along Cascade for local non-profits to share their mission with the festival community. O’Hanlon Center for the Arts is one community arts organization that love to participate!

Some of our recent projects include:

Park Improvement

Over the years, the Festival has contributed towards enhancements of Old Mill Park that can be enjoyed all year long, not just during the Festival. Some of the projects are the main stage seating area, improvements to the stage itself. the cement ramp in the lower park and (importantly!) the restrooms.

Children's Art and Activity

Core to our Festival is helping children learn to find joy in, and appreciate the power of the arts. We believe part of that is letting them "get their hands dirty". In 2017 we established an interactive children's art activity program that lets hundreds of children each year experience excitement of art creation.We are always looking for more opportunities to deepen our impact and improve our diversity. If you have ideas, let us know!

Emerging Artist Scholarship Fund

In 2010 we established a scholarship program for Tamalpais High School students who excel in the arts. $500 awards are given to two senior Advanced Placement Studio Art students and $250 awards are given to two juniors in either 2D Design, Drawing or 3D portfolio. Unlike most scholarships that go to the institution, our awards go directly to the student to be used for tuition, art supplies and encourage them along the path to becoming artists.

We are proud to announce our 2019 Scholarship recipients. Each are talented, progressive artists. Their stories:

Maren Curtis (Senior)
"Through my art, I focus on ideas surrounding internal struggle and solidarity. Through my life I have made a habit of dealing with my troubles alone such as self image issues, religious confusion, or sexual harassment. Using an imagined and symbolic world, I render myself as the central point of contention in my drawings."

Logan Paglinawan (Senior)
"My pieces are inspired by Japanese style. Growing up I was surrounded by the culture and it has heavily influenced me in my life. I have tried to combine both modern and traditional forms/techniques. The cross between accepting imperfections and refined details is where the beauty in these pieces lay."

Lily Kun (Junior)
"Growing up in a family of artists, I have always processed the world around me visually. Over the years I have had the chance to experiment with many different mediums, however I have discovered that photography is what truly allows me to both capture fleeting moments and to express my own emotions."

Ilaria Montenecourt (Junior)
"I have always been fascinated with people and the features of the human face. I primarily use oil pastels to highlight my technique in portraiture and figure painting, but I also enjoy exploring other mediums. The most important part for me is to capture the personality of the subject in each painting."

We are always looking for more opportunities to deepen our impact and improve our diversity. If you have ideas, let us know!