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Special Presentation

Jamesy’s “Pandemic Blue #1” was selected out of 11,000 entries for display in the de Young Museum’s open exhibit.

Art for a Better World

2023 Special Presentation

This year the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival is pleased to designate the Special Presentation Grove for an exhibition entitled Art for a Better World showcasing the work of neurologically diverse contemporary artists from around the Bay Area. We hope this presentation will increase awareness of the value of diversity, help support these diverse artists, and promote a more varied and prosperous community for all. Visit the Grove and open your mind to diversity in art and help these artists thrive.

Autistry Makers

A group of over twenty autistic/neurodivergent young adults who design and create hand-made home-goods, gifts and accessories that are sold in their retail shop. Autistry Makers is supported by Autistry Studios, a therapeutic educational non-profit organization who leads autistic/neurodivergent teens and adults to thrive as successfully independent individuals by supporting their interests and talents while creating a robust, supportive, and productive community.

The following Autistry Makers artists’ work will be featured at the Special Grove this year: Aiden, Chloe, Claire, Courtney, Edward, Graham, Ian, Jacob, Justin, Mark, Michael, Nat , Nick , Ryan. Tenayn, and Thomas.

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Location: Autistry Studios Makers Market, 850 4th St. San Rafael, 94901 CA


Art Without Boundaries

Art without Boundaries was created to support the Arts. Discover the world of artistic brilliance and unique perspectives with our collection of art created by talented individuals with disabilities. Each piece tells a captivating story, showcasing the power of creativity and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Art by people with disabilities can challenge societal perceptions by offering alternative narratives and perspectives. By showcasing their artistic expression, it encourages a more inclusive society that recognizes the value and contributions of all individuals regardless of their abilities.

The following Art Without Boundaries artists’ work will be featured at the Special Grove this year: Connor Barbee, Claire Clifford, Beans Fitzpatrick, Reese Herndon, James Lee (aka Jamesy), and Geffen Moran.

Art Without Boundaries works in partnership with the following organizations:


Helix School

Helix School, an organization that tailors their curriculum to each individual’s unique learning style and developmental level. They believe that harnessing strengths is as important as targeting deficits—and that the best learning occurs in the context of strong relationships.


Oak Hill School

Through innovative educational approaches and social-emotional learning, Oak Hill School empowers students on the autism spectrum to realize their full potential.


Star Academy

Star Academy, non-public school (NPS), is a recognized leader in the Bay Area in educating students with learning differences from third grade through post-high school. Our team of highly skilled teachers and specialists provide an individually-tailored educational program which gives each student the skills, knowledge and resources they need to advance academically and find joy in learning. With this foundation, students are emboldened to see beyond their learning differences and envision what is possible.


The Lovejoy Project: A Conservatory Theater Ensemble performing arts group

The Lovejoy Project is a cross-departmental collaboration between Tamalpais High School special education teacher Michael Lovejoy and recent graduate and Conservatory Theater Ensemble member Asher Goldblatt. The collaboration involves CTE members guiding Mr Lovejoy's students through games, improv exercises, and writing labs that enable all the actors to create a cohesive ensemble that in turn is capable of creating a piece of theatre based on Mr. Lovejoy students' lives.

We always say that the Lovejoy Project gets its name because we love to do it and it spreads joy. But obviously, it's named after Michael Lovejoy. It’s also inspired by his approach to teaching, which is to ignite ideas, bring young people together, and stand back and watch when exciting things happen.