Special Presentation

Tess Felix, plastic ocean debris on board, mixed media, four panels, each 72” x 24” x 2”

Green Change: Artists Consider Our Climate Crisis

In this year's featured exhibit, Bay Area artists will explore the climate crisis through the lens of contemporary art, in collaboration with Green Change, a grassroots environmental network.

Climate change will have a profound impact on the living systems of our planet and the welfare of humanity. The implications of the crisis, as well as its root causes and potential solutions, can be difficult to visualize and daunting to address. Through visual storytelling, interactive installations, and participatory artwork, the artists and the Green Change network will transform the redwood grove into a creative space for engagement and climate action.

Ann Dodge creates figurative sculptures from post-consumer waste. By refashioning trash into haunting spiritual objects, Ann challenges us to see the consequences of excessive consumerism and our responsibility to be good stewards of our planet and its web of life.

Tess Felix transforms plastic debris into vibrant portraits that tell a story of a planet in peril. She collects the debris from the shores of Stinson Beach, where she lives and works as an artist. According to Tess, the transformation of plastic waste into beautiful human portraits is "a metaphor for demonstrating that we have the power to overcome the very thing that threatens us."

Fabrice Florin is a multimedia artist and environmental activist. Fabrice will premiere The Dreamer, an interactive video installation that portrays young climate activist Greta Thunberg and other environmentalists. Fabrice is director of Green Change, which is organizing this exhibit with MVFAF staff.

Janey Fritsche is a painter whose work celebrates the unrivaled beauty and spiritual power of the natural world. In her depictions of oceans, beach ecology, and natural places, Janey seeks to "encourage a better vision for honoring life on the planet."

Al Grumet is an artist and storyteller whose works combine painting, sculpture, and interactive experiences. Al weaves imagery into environmental dramas in which human choices come into stark focus. Through his art and activism, he hopes to convey the urgency of collective change for the sake of present and future generations.

Aurora Mahassine is a designer and ecologist who creates living art and climate adaptive solutions. She uses plants and soil in sculptures, living roofs, living walls and water features to create beauty, sustain life and promote environmental and human health. Her work fosters ecological stewardship as a pathway to community well-being and climate adaptation.

Randy Rosenberg combines organic material and man-made media into painterly works that explore emotional connections and the intersection of nature and humanity. Randy brings to her work more than 30 years' experience as an artist, contemporary art curator, art therapist and art educator, including her work as founder and Executive Director of Art Works for Change.

Visit the Green Change site to learn more about going green.