Exhibitor FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions and Load-in/Load-out & Parking

NEW! This year we are introducing a tiered booth pricing system to address the wide variety of booth spaces we have available. Wi-Fi will be enhanced in the Park and more extensive promotion to celebrate our 60th anniversary. See details on the application.

  1. When is the deadline for applying to the 2018 MVFAF? April 23rd, 2018. Available at www.zapplication.org.
  2. When will applications for next year's festival be available? Applications for 2019 will be available at www.zapplication.org on Jan. 15, 2019.
  3. How many images do I need to apply? Do I need a booth shot? Applications require 5 digital images of art work and no booth shot. Specifications for image formatting are all listed on the zapplication website.
  4. Do I have to be a member of zapplication to apply? You must become a registered user of zapplication in order to apply. It's simple, and can be used to apply to many shows.
  5. When will I be notified about the jury results? Acceptance emails go out within one week of the jury process. This year the emails will go out by May 7th.
  6. When must I accept and pay my booth fees? This year's booth fees must be payed by June 15, 2018.
  7. Is there any advantage to getting my fees in sooner rather than later? Yes, booths will be assigned according to the dates payments are made through Zapp. Invited artists will have a choice of rates and sizes with limited quants of each. The sooner you pay the more options you will have.
  8. When is the deadline for dropping out and receiving a full refund? You must notify MVFAF by July 15 for a refund less processing fee of $50. There will be no refunds after July 15.
  9. If I am on the waitlist when will I know if I will be invited? You would be notified after the June 15 accept and pay deadline. We will contact you.
  10. Can I call the festival to check on my waitlist status? If you are on the waitlist, and have not heard from us, please wait to contact the festival until after after July 15.
  11. What constitutes a "premium space"? These spaces are drive-in and relatively level.
  12. Do I need a CA sellers permit? Yes, a temporary one can be obtained by contacting 800-400-7115 or www.boe.ca.gov. (hearing impaired, 800-735-2929)
  13. What does my booth fee include?  It includes just the space.  You must provide any covering or structure.  We do offer chair, table and canopy rentals.   The rental from will go out with your booth assignment in August.
  14. Where are the closest hotels/motels? See the listings on our Dining & Hotels page.
  15. I have a large trailer or RV.  Where is the closest place to park and stay? Golden Gate Trailer Park in Corte Madera
  16. What are my options for lighting my booth at the festival? We are dedicated to providing our Artists the optimum presentation possible. Though many spaces are low light, this is part of the charm and ambiance of our Festival. For many spaces light is not even a concern. Should you feel more comfortable augmenting the light filtering through the redwoods, here are some considerations we have come up with. It is a work in progress. Your feedback is appreciated. We have done our best to research the cutting edge alternative lighting options currently available. We have identified some representative supplier links, though they are not officially endorsed. We hope you will further your research via Google to identify the system that most meets your needs and resources.

    Recommended options include:

    12 Volt Systems - RV style lights and wiring. Depends on 12 Volt battery power. Has the advantage of running the battery all the way down. More battery hours then invertor systems. www.realgoods.com/shop

    DC/AC Invertor Systems - Depends on 12 Volt battery power. Full power for normal lighting, but short battery life due to regulated voltage cut off. Recharge station will be available at MVFAF Site this year. northerntool.com/shop/tools/category_alternative-renewable-energy+power-inverters

    Self Contained LED Systems - Cost effective, easy to install and unfortunately minimal lumens (light). Recommended for display cases and spot lighting. pegasuslighting.com/battery-operated-display-lights.html

    LEDs - Low power usage and the future of low watt lighting. Current down side is blue spectrum light and low lumens per bulb.

Updated MVFAF Load-in/Load-out & Parking announced in the summer 2019