Children's Grove
Children's Grove, Blue Fairy

2017 Festival Performers

Main Stage
Saturday September 16th
  Noon The Alcatraz Islanders - Hawaiian Jazz
  1:00 Rowan Brothers- Chris & Lorin - Americana
  2:00 Marble Party - Rock
  3:00 HowellDevine - Blues
  4:00 The Ross Howe Ensemble - Gypsy Jazz

Sunday, September 17th
  Noon Getaway Dogs - Psychedelic Bossa Nova
  1:00 Real Vocal String Quartet - Modern Classical
  2:00 Rhythmtown-Jive - New Orleans R&B - jump-blues
  3:00 James Nash - Americana
  4:00 Nathan Bickart Trio - Jazz

MVFAF Children's Grove

Saturday September 16th
MC The Blue Fairy
10:30-12:00 Hands-On Craft Time with Tia & Crew
12:30 Fratello Marionettes
  1:00 PAAM Singers
  1:30 Magician Brian Scott
  2:00 Drumming with Mika
  2:30 Scott the Storyteller
  3:00 Octopretzel
  3:30 Octopretzel

Sunday, September 17th
MC The Blue Fairy
10:30-12:00 Hands-On Craft Time with Tia & Crew
12:30 Fratello Marionettes
  1:00 Music with Enzo Garcia
  1:30 Puppet Lady
  2:00 Ventriloquist Steve Chaney
  2:30 Music with David Fromer
  3:00 Magician Brian Scott
  3:30 Rhythm-ALL-ogy

Main Stage Mission Statement
The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival is a high quality arts event. The accent and focus of the Festival is on the fine art work exhibited during this exciting weekend. The entertainment on our main stage, situated in a lovely grove of redwoods, is to enhance the wonderful experience of the art event itself.

How to Apply
Entertainers, performers, and musicians are encouraged to apply for a performance spot on the Main Stage. We hire a variety of entertainment. We have our own sound system and sound person. Entertainers are paid a stipend of $200, total, regardless of the number in the group, for a 40-45 minute set. Each performer/group is allowed to perform only one set. Performers can sell their products, in the stage area only, for 15 minutes after they perform.

To apply for the Main Stage contact Edwin at

Rowan Bros
Rowan Brothers, Lorin and Chris

Getaway Dogs Getaway Dogs

Rhythmtown-Jive Rhythmtown-Jive
photo by Mary Jennings